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Attempts at account collections are dreaded by most businesses. In-house collection attempts are often fruitless and are difficult at best. They are labor intensive, and even when successful they often end up costing the company more in lost time than the amount of money recovered. For the most part, collections are best handled by a competent debt collection agency.

We are one of the country’s premier debt collection companies. With years of experience and extensive resources, we offer positive results at rates that most businesses find to be very reasonable.

One thing that sets us apart from other collectors is our unique ability to evaluate a company’s list of bad debt accounts to determine those customers most likely to pay promptly. Once that determination has been made, we will immediately pursue those customers to generate a positive cash flow back into your company. These customers often respond well to oral and written demands for payment.

The current economic conditions have hit most Americans hard. It is likely that many of your customers are good customers who are experiencing their own financial difficulties. Realizing that, we will use collection methods designed to maintain good customer relations while collecting the past due debts. We have found that the majority of bad debts are held by people who really want to pay their bills. With your approval, we will offer a repayment plan that customers can actually adhere to. Customers who feel that they have been treated fairly often respond promptly to our requests for payment.

We also understand that there are some customers who do not respond well to collection attempts. There are even customers who try to evade collections. These are the customers whose accounts are often written off. The time and effort require to collect from these elusive customers can be extensive. Some businesses feel that it is just not worth the time and effort to pursue these customers. That may be true with other collection services, but not with us. We have the resources to track down customers, and if they do not respond to our written and oral requests for payment, we are fully prepared to use any and all recovery solutions up to advanced collection services and strategies.

At all times, we follow the legal limitations placed upon those conducting debt collections. We will never subject your customers to illegal or unfair practices. The laws that apply to debt collectors change frequently, and we stay abreast of the latest state and federal guidelines relating to debt collections.

If you have been attempting to collect on past-due accounts, you are probably feeling the frustration that comes with the job. We are trained professionals with years of experience behind us. With an impressive record of successful collections, we can help dramatically reduce your bad debt write offs. If bad debts are negatively impacting your bottom line, let us help you turn those bad debts into a positive cash flow.

For a surprisingly low cost, we can offer debt collection services for any type of business. We will work tirelessly to recoup your bad debt losses and minimize the number of your bad debt accounts. With a history of successful collections, we are one the nation’s premier providers of debt collection services.

Some customers are hesitant to hire anyone to conduct collections. They may be skeptical of the success of such collectors. They may feel that the cost is too high. Some are concerned that collectors may use unfair or misleading tactics. The collections industry is closely monitored. In the past, a number of collectors have been guilty of using tactics designed to intimidate customers. Our company would like to put your mind at ease about all of these concerns.

We have an extremely high rate of successful recoveries. We can explain our pricing system to you so that you will clearly see the value of hiring us to collect your past due accounts. You have our promise that we will conduct ourselves in a manner that is both competent and professional.

Do not waste another day worrying about past due accounts. Hire us and we will immediately go to work to recover these debts. With just one phone call, you can start reducing your bad debts, minimizing the number of accounts that might be written off, and improve your cash flow. When you need collections, let the professionals do it for you.

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